Melody Hill Lipizzans

Well, what has this page got to do with rifles ?  In a word, nothing ! Having said that, a lot of ‘gun people’ are also ‘horse people’ so, if that is you then read on……..

Melody Hill Lipizzans is the one-woman business owned and operated by my much better half Lindsay.  Melody Hill Lipizzans has been breeding and raising the highest quality Lipizzaner horses since way back in 1984 and Lindsay’s bloodlines ( I think that is the right expression ) can now be found throughout Canada and the Unites States.

Lindsay has recently put up a Facebook page so that people who like this breed of horse can visit and share stories, information etc.  If you or someone you know is a fan of this magnificent breed of horse then please take a look and ‘like’ at:

“Boston” A Not-Yet-Grey Young Lipizzan Gelding

boston 048

Lindsay – Owner of Melody Hill Lipizzans (and, yes, a Gun Nut ! )

IMG-20120510-00074 (1)

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