About Rifletalk

Mostly 700P 007

For a few years I’ve been posting on various websites and I figured it was a good idea to keep my writings all in one place.

I plan to blog about guns, scopes and accessories as well as issues that are of interest to the firearms community and the gun culture. I’m a current LEO with nearly 30 years service and am a keen F-Class and Tactical Rifle competitor.

I welcome all comments and suggestions for improvement.

Keep them in the X-Ring



Congratulating Lindsay on her first ever F-Class Match.


6 thoughts on “About Rifletalk

  1. Bob,
    I am impressed with your reviews. I have some info for you on Pentax 80ED and have some questions re F-Class Bipod reviews. Can you please reply to email listed in this reply.
    Paul McM, Editor, AccurateShooter


  2. Hello Bob

    Just thought I would take a minute of your time and say that I have enjoyed your site very much.

    I came across it well looking up some load data for my new Ruger No 1 falling block in 220 swift from another site.

    Had to stay up most of the night reading to get up todate.

    Lots of good reading and information.

    Anyway thanks for taking the time and energy to do all the work and writing this site must take.


    From Ontario.


    • Thanks for the nice comment and feedback Lawrence – most appreciated ! Hopefully there will be plenty of interesting articles for you to read. Please pass along the site address to shooting friends. Cheers, Bob


  3. Hi Bob,

    I looked through rifletalk.org and I was wandering if you are open to allow guest-posting or would be interested in advertising inquiries. 

    I am interested in increasing the exposure for my site. Would you be interested to allow guest-posting? Otherwise, do you have any advertising options that I could opt for?

    I am excited to hear back from you.

    P.S. Sorry, I had to put the proposal in your comment section because I could not find any contact form or email address in your site. Hope you are fine with it!



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