Back after a long break

I’m pleased to report that I am alive and well after taking  few months away from the keyboard.  While I’ve not been writing, I have been busy and after much thought accepted the offer to  re-up for one final return to the colours so rather than being early retired I am back in law enforcement.  What this meant was a whirlwind of re-quals and such like which, together with the commencement of winter, really precluded any writing.

Now I m all organized at work I can once again set time aside for my writing.  I have some cool reviews in the works:  a nice over under shotgun for the regular guy,  neat new bipod from my friends at Mystic Precision and the super nice Tangent Theta scope in 5-25×56

Thanks to everyone who has continued to visit.  Stay tuned new content is really on the way !

Cheers !



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