Reviewed – The TriggerTech Trigger

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While there isn’t anything really bad about the Remington X-Mark Pro (XMP) triggers, many of us in the shooting community consider it to be the weak point in the rifles offered by Big Green. Some of us simply prefer the old Remington trigger or wish for a crisper cleaner trigger pull but, whatever the reasoning, the fact is that lots of us swap out triggers first chance we get and Remington’s massive – and poorly managed – trigger recall likely added a fair few more converts to the ‘ditch the XMP’ crew.

Unless I am building a pure target (F-Class or similar) rifle off of a R700 action the trigger I’m most likely to replace the Remington factory trigger with the is very reliable and not too expensive Timney 510 but a few months ago a new – Canadian – offering hit the market from TriggerTech. Trigger Tech are very well know for making crossbow triggers but I think this is their first foray into the world of centrefire rifles.

Simple and Easy-To-Read Instructions

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TrigerTech claim to have brought their friction-less technology to the rifle world and they say that this produces more consistency than the standard Remington trigger which uses a sliding friction sear/trigger interface.

I bought a couple of Triggertech triggers back in the summer and installed them in my PGW Rifles which until recently were shipped with XMP triggers (now shipped with… you guessed TriggerTechs ).  One of the new triggers went in my .338 LM Timberwolf and the other in my .308 Coyote. Over the past few months I’ve extensively tested both triggers and actually I went so far as to us the .308 in an F-Class match to see how it and especially this trigger would perform against top-line equipment.

The TriggerTech triggers I bought were the w/o safety flavour and they install as simply as can be using the trigger pins on the action. There is a single click adjustable screw that can be adjusted to move the pull weight and it is easy to use to get the shooter to his or her preferred trigger pull.

Easy Installation – old trigger out

 photo DSC_0014_zpsceamqvtz.jpg

New Trigger In

 photo DSC_0015_zpsft7u1sft.jpg

Unlike most triggers – even good ones – there isn’t any sense of real movement or progression. The trigger actually surprises me when it goes off; crisply and cleanly at the same point time after time after time. This isn’t the opinion formed after one range session to write an article but the opinion of a shooter who has been using the trigger in two guns for several months. Yes, I am impressed.

Priced less than the Timney 510 this trigger has to be my go to trigger whenever a XMP Remington trigger now needs swapping out. An excellent product that is well worth taking a look at.

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