Range Report, SLOSA

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The Everyday Marksman

I took the 20″ Musket to the a new range today to get some more testing done with the new Elcan SpecterOS. This range, the San Luis Sportsman’s Association (SLOSA), is a bit farther to get to than my normal range, which is why I have not gone to it before. However, after this range trip, I expect I’ll be going there more often. I was very impressed with the facility.

SLOSA is out towards the Morro Bay area, tucked into a valley with pretty views that remind me quite a bit of Montana. The Range Officers were friendly and helpful, and did a good job policing the range for unsafe practices. The fees are reasonable, especially for military members.

A view from the berms back toward the complex. A view from the berms back toward the complex.

The rifle range is covered, and has berms for 15, 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards. That’s not the part I…

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