Book Review – Unintended Consquences by John Ross


While I’ve read this book twice I was apprehensive about picking it as my very first book review. The reason for my apprehension is simple – some of the subject matter is disturbing and some folks might even say that the book is subversive. Having said that, I think this book is an important read for anyone interested in the gun culture and, more broadly, the rights of citizens to live a life free of government interference.

When first introduced to this book I was concerned that it would be a bit of a fringe rant but I’m pleased to say that it is an exceptionally well written book that, besides being a very good fictional story, details some amazing historical facts about guns, shooting, reloading and collecting as well as a lengthy description about the Warsaw Uprising of WWII and the brave men and women who resisted Nazi tyranny.

What this book is really about however is the problem of the ever-growing power of the State – an issue few people really know about or spend any time concerning themselves with.

While in ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Ayn Rand used trains, in this book John Ross uses guns and, like Rand, he does a fine job of removing all ‘but what if’ objections and bringing you to the conclusion that the problem of government is exactly that …. a problem.

I know during my time on this planet that – whether dressed up as a ‘War on Terror’ measure, ‘Crime Prevention’ or that old standby ‘Health and Safety’ – many of the freedoms we used to take for granted either no longer exist or are severely curtailed. I’ve also seen how we have slowly come to accept such restrictions on our freedom – the frog in the pot of water analogy – and I’ve come to agree with the view that a society will create its own shackles and wear them, gradually, obediently and silently.

As a gun nut (who was also in law enforcement for nearly 30 years) I’ve long thought gun control isn’t about crime prevention – it’s about control. This book reinforces the point that control of the mind and the spirit and the systematic creation of a nanny state are the ultimate goals of the gun-control/liberal/progressive agenda.

Unintended Consequences may not be for everyone but I thought it was an excellent and thought-provoking read that I strongly recommend to anyone interested in guns and the politics of gun control.

So, remember……………..


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