Thoughts on the M14-type of Rifle

LRB 085

Over the years I’ve spent a fortune on M14-style rifles.  I’ve bought Chinese one and dressed them up, bought SAI Loaded and National Match and now own the nicest of them all – a LRB M25 Medium Match.  Obviously, I like the M14 platform but for sure there are some serious detractors and recently I read an article on another really good blog that was pretty interesting:

Comments and discussion welcome………………..

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the M14-type of Rifle

  1. As a long time M14 lover its hard to deny that the platform has its faults. Its taken me a long time to fully understand it and work on it to where its consistant. The AR platforms are better but i enjoy the nostalgia and being different at shoots where i’m the only one with wood and steel


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